Agama dan Toleransi: Toleransi Umat Beragama dalam Menjalin Kerukunan

Studi Kasus Umat Islam dan Kristen di Desa Pohkonyal Ngawi

  • M. Hanif Satria Budi Institut Agama Islam Faqih Asyari (IAIFA) Kediri
Keywords: tolerance , religious communities , establishing harmony


Tolerance is an attitude of mutual respect and respect for the beliefs of others in religion. Village Pohkonyal District of Pangkur Regency Ngawi has two religions with the percentage of the population that religion Islam 90% and Christians 10%. This study aims to determine (1) religious tolerance (2 ) Elements of Tolerance, (3) Value basis and foundation of the formation of tolerance among people of religion, (4) Shape tolerance among people of Islam and Christianity in establishing harmony through the activity of religious. This study uses a qualitative methodology with a case study approach. Collection techniques in the form of observation and interviews. Research results show that religious tolerance is carried out in a tasamuh way. While the element of tolerance it among others provide freedom and independence, recognizes the right of every person, respect the beliefs of people of other, and mutual understanding. Value basis and foundation of the formation of tole warranty religion among others the value of religious, cultural, social, and humanity. While the form of tolerance is tolerance in terms of religious, social, cultural, and humanity. Each religion does with the way of practising religion who have been in the study in each religion. In Islam like 'Pengajian ibu-ibu', 'pengajian bapak-bapak', tahlilan, sholawatan, muslimatan NU. Then the people of Christians among other services mature, meetings weekly, worship the highway special, and worship the feast of the ecclesiastical. Forms of social tolerance between Muslims and Christians in the Pohkonyal  activities hamlet consists of mutual, activities august 17, and activities of others