Tasawuf Kebangsaan Jam’iyah Yasin sebagai media Penyebaran Islam Moderat pada Masyarakat

  • Ahmad Fauzi Institut Agama Islam Faqih Asyari (IAIFA) Kediri
Keywords: Yasinan, moderate Islamic media


Yasinan is the event of reading Yasin letters that are usually also assembled with Tahlilan. Among the people of Indonesia, the term Tahlilan and Yasinan are popularly used to refer to a shared dhikr event, a mutual prayer, or a Dhikr council. Yasinan become a capital for Muslims to move the values of moderate Islamic da'wah, as a representation of the practice of the values of the Qur'an and al-Hadith for the success and the benefit of the whole Muslims, namely Raḥmatanli'l-' ālamīn. Yasinan as a religious agenda transformed into the social life of the community in various aspects of life, which is Aspke togetherness, and team, sensitivity to social dynamics, caring and mutual respect between neighbors and society. Through the study of Yasinan in the framework of creating community life with religious and nationalist character that is a moderate view of Islam, it must be supported by conditions and situations of society that can strengthen the social life of its Kulturalnya