Peran Organisasi Nahdlatul Ulama’ dalam Menangkal Faham Radikalisme

  • Aji Wahyudin Institut Agama Islam Faqih Asyari (IAIFA) Kediri
Keywords: NU, and Understand Radicalism


The participation of a person in organizing can be said to be very important, because to channel the aspirations and ideas that they have while the organization itself reflects the person who is in it, therefore we in the organization should be able to choose between various organizations that exist now the age of digitization which in this case all the information can be obtained so easily, but the risk is we do not know which information is right and wrong (hoax).by the reason of such background on this occasion we will discuss the "Role of NU Organizations in Countering the Understanding of Radicalism" in which it discusses; the method of da'wah ahlussunah wal jama'ah, the character of the scholars' NU, the five pillars of antidote to radicalism and institutions that are under the auspices of Nahdhotul Ulama'. Which we will later explain nu's role in countering the sense of radicalism on every line of human life